Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big changes

It has been a busy week over here at the Graber household.

Maddie started second grade yesterday at a new school. She was a bit nervous - but she handled herself well, and today was even easier when I dropped her off. She seems to really like it.
Maddie and Aidan before we
dropped her off at school

And now that school has started, we are moving into all of the extracurricular activities. Aidan starts soccer on Saturday, and Maddie starts dance on Saturday. Brian and I will have to divide and conquer. Luckily, this week, his game is at 1, so we can all go together. But other weeks, there will be an overlap.

Meanwhile, Brian also starts his soccer season on Sunday. And I am in full-fledge half marathon training for my October race.

So - as you can see - life is going to be getting a bit busy over here at the Graber household. In addition, Maddie has girl scouts. Thankfully that doesn't start until next week!

Fall is a busy time of year. We are all adjusting to the new routine and getting into the swing of things.

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