Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August stats and running shoe woes

I ran 70 miles in August. As expected, my mileage is going up because of my half marathon training. Meanwhile, I need new running shoes. Unfortunately, they no longer make my beloved Brooks Dyad sneakers. So, I ordered a pair of Brooks Ghost sneakers. I wore them 3 times and I decieded they were killing my legs. (After my 11 mile run on Saturday, my legs ached and I had a blister).

 So - I sent them back. Thank goodness, Road Runner Sports has a 90 day wear them and try them return policy. I ordered another pair. They are called the Reebok Zig Zag. I have never used Reebok running shoes. However, I read the reviews and they were all positive.

Anyway - the shoes arrive tomorrow and I am very anxious to try them out. I have a 13 mile run scheduled for Sunday, and I am not sure if I should wear them for a long run yet. I might have to ease into them with a few shorter runs.

The zig-zag shoe...

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