Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to reality

I am back from the beach!
We had a great week. It was hot and sunny. It was relaxing. It was perfect.

That's me...
Finally - a decent running pic!
We arrived on Saturday and this year we did something a little different with the groceries. We decided to order them online from Shop Rite. There is a Shop Rite about 10 miles from our vacation house. Unfortunately, we were a little bit too far from them to deliver, so we had to pick them up. We arrived at the house, unloaded the car, and then Bruce and Brian went to pick the groceries up. How easy was that? Yes. Easy. And it saved us moms from having to go shop after a long day of driving.

The next day I ran a 5K. There just happened to be a 5K in Stone Harbor that day, so Felice and I decided to participate. It was great. My time was 26:45 and I placed 105 out of 206 runners. (My PR is 26:39) - so I missed a PR by only 6 seconds! UGH!

After our race, it was all about the beach and the pool. We spent the rest of the week having
Beach bums
lots of fun. We played in the ocean waves. We swam in the pool. We hung out in the hot tub. We went to the zoo. We went to Cape May. We had ice cream three times! And we ate a lot...

Lunch in Cape May

All in all, it was a great week. And now it's back to reality. I spent today doing laundry and doing the grocery shopping. Thank goodness it's a three-day weekend so we still have one more day to relax!

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