Thursday, September 13, 2012


Aidan had his first soccer practice/game last Saturday. I had visions of him getting out there and being the star of the game.

It wasn't like that.
Not one bit.

First of all, he was not happy with the shin guards and the soccer socks. As soon as we put them on him, he kept telling us he didn't want to play soccer.

Luckily, we distracted him so he soon forgot about the outfit.

When we arrived at the field, he was a little nervous.
Checking out the field...looking a little unsure.
But, then his buddy Dean arrived. And he seemed a little more confident.

All smiles!

The first 25 minutes, they learned some skills. All was fine. Aidan was listening to the coach and doing the drills.

There he is - running!

After the drills were complete, it was time to play a game. And let me tell you that Aidan did not know what to do. He kind of stood there on the field and wasn't sure about the concept of actually going after the ball. He looked a bit confused. Towards the end of the game, he finally caught on a bit.

But, visions of my little guy storming the field left my mind. I guess it will take a few games for him to catch on.

Regardless - it was cute to see him play...

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