Saturday, October 27, 2012

Did you know?

Did you know that it pays to shop around?

It's true. I have to buy a lot of chicken for when I prepare my freezer meals. It turns out there is a local butcher right near my house that sells all natural chicken for $3.29 a pound. And if you buy 10 pounds or more, the price drops down to $2.29 per pound.

I would say that is a pretty darn good price for all natural chicken!

I was about to go and buy some today, but Brian reminded me about the storm. It probably isn't a good idea to have 10 lbs of chicken in my freezer if we lose power.

Speaking of which, I really hope we don't lose power. And I hope this storm clears out of here before Wednesday so the kids can enjoy Halloween.

Have a great weekend!

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