Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Freezer Meals

A while back, a few friends and I decided we wanted to do a freezer swap.

In case you don't know, a freezer swap is similar to a cookie swap. You get a certain amount of people together, and then each person makes meals equal to the same amount of people doing the swap. Then you pick a day and trade meals.

We have five people in our group. So, I made five of the same meal - one for each girl in the swap, and an extra one for my family. Everyone else also made five of the same meal. Then we got together and swapped today. So now I have five meals - but they are all different!

The benefit is that I only had to buy the ingredients for the five meals that I made. 

This was our first go-around with it and we had to work out some kinks. We all had to figure out what things our family liked. We also wanted to make things with all natural ingredients so it was a healthy meal. And the other catch was that we wanted to find recipes that were "freezer friendly."  Some things are just not meant to be frozen. So we wanted to make sure that the recipes were tried and true and had freezer directions.

My freezer meals!

Anyway - today was the swap. We met for lunch at Panera and swapped our meals in the parking lot. When I got home, I put them all away in my freezer. Now I have some meals in the freezer for those days when I just don't know what to have for dinner! The meals are: chicken quesadilla casserole, chicken tortilla soup, coconut chicken with apricot sauce, sausage and peppers, and turkey chili! Yum.

We plan to do this on a monthly basis. And now that we got it going - I think it is fantastic! It's a good way to make cooking more fun!

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