Monday, November 12, 2012

Got milk?

It has been two weeks that we have had our milk delivered by the milkman. And let me tell you - I feel like I am back in the 1950's (in a good way).  The Meadowbrook Dairy truck pulls up in a milk truck and the man brings it to my porch in a little milk holder (like in the picture). How cute is that?

Yes. I know. It's pretty darn cute. 

Then they leave it in a milk box right on my front porch. Well - they actually leave it in a cooler. For some reason, I didn't get the cute little milk box that is in the picture. They must have run out. But, I call it a milk box because that sounds so much more old fashioned.

Now - they don't really pull up in the cute little milk truck that is pictured below. But - that's what I feel like happened in my dreams when I open up my front door and see my milk in cold glass bottles. Could you die? Yes. I feel like I died and went to heaven!

The first week, we had one skim and two 2% delivered. Unfortunately they don't offer 1%. So - I asked the milk man to bring me an extra glass bottle so I could mix the 2% and the skim. He did. Now I just mix the two together and it's like I have 1%! Hey - sometimes a girl has to get creative.

I also had them deliver a dozen eggs. They are extra large eggs. We don't go through eggs that often, so l will just let them know when I need more.

As an added bonus, I wanted to try the chocolate milk this past week. Lucky for me, they carry extra milk on the truck. So, I just asked for some chocolate milk. Oh boy. Was that a treat! It was creamy, yummy goodness. It didn't last very long in our house. Brian and Aidan both love it too.

The only drawback is that they bill us monthly (or bi-monthly). I have been keeping track on my calendar so I know what we get each week. It adds up quick. The milk is $3.25 per half gallon and the eggs are $2.50. So just in the past two weeks - we have spent about $25 in milk and eggs. Eeeks! That can be a pricey bill when it's billed monthly. But I keep telling myself that I am not spending that money on milk at the grocery store - so it all evens out. I think. It just seems like it's more when you see a separate bill.

Anyway - I guess it's worth the extra money knowing my family is getting fresh farm milk.

Now, it's time for my snack. Some fresh farm milk and homemade cookies. 

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