Saturday, December 22, 2012

The paper towel challenge

Recently I was out for drinks with some friends. Somehow we got talking about paper towels. (I know. Exciting stuff that us girls talk about when we are away from the kids.)

Anyway - I found out that two of my friends had basically stopped using paper towels. I was intrigued. Seeing as I use paper towels like they are going out of style, I wanted to learn more. Basically instead of using paper towels to wipe up spills or clean, they use rags. Interesting. The more they talked about it and about how much money it saved them, the more I got excited. I could do this too! I was going to try.

Just say no to paper towels.
The next day, I took a pile of old towels. Then started cutting. Before I knew it, I had a big old pile of rags. I explained to Brian about our new challenge and how we were going to try and not use paper towels anymore. He agreed. He also said that he hardly ever used paper towels and that I was the one who used them. Anyway. I let that comment go and put my pile of rags on top of the refrigerator so they were in my range of vision.

I also took the roll of paper towels and put them under the sink so I would not be tempted to use them. Then I put my plan into action. Every time I had to wipe down the counter, I grabbed a rag. Every time I wiped down the kitchen table, I grabbed a rag. I needed to clean the bathroom floor. I grabbed a rag. Then, the dirty rags just went into the washing machine.

The more I used the rags - the easier it was. It literally took about two days to break my paper towel habit.  I can honestly say, that I haven't used a paper towel in over a week now. Yay for me!

Thanks Felice and Jen for showing me how easy it was to say no to the paper towels!

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