Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in review

It's hard to believe it will be 2013 in a few hours. How quickly the years pass us by.

I decided to do a recap of 2012 in numbers. Here goes...

1 -  The number of marathons I ran.
4 -  The number of years that Aidan turned.
7 - The number of years that Maddie turned.
4 - The number of times I went away. (Arizona for work, NJ for the marathon, NJ for family vacation, and Ludlow for girl's weekend.)
2 - The number of half marathons I ran.
8 - The number of miles that I drive Maddie to school each day.
40 - The number of years that Brian turned. We celebrated with a big party!
20- The number of years we have on our mortgage! (Sounds a lot better than 30. Right?)
953.4 - The number of miles I ran in 2012. (So close to 1,000!)

Hope you all had a fantastic year. Looking forward to blogging more in 2013!

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