Friday, January 18, 2013

Decluttering my TV shows

It's time for a little bit of decluttering in my life. It's time to clean up my TV shows.

I admit that I am a bit of a TV junkie. I blame this on Netflix and my DVR. It's so easy to tape shows and then just go back and watch them when I have time. Because of this, I probably watch too much TV.

During the past two weeks, I started to realize something. Some of the shows that I had taped felt like they were a chore to watch. They would show up on my DVR list, and I kind of felt a sense of impending dread. I would think, "Oh heck. I have to watch these." It was causing me a bit of stress when I saw the long list of shows I had to catch up on. And then I would somehow plow through them and watch them half-heartedly.

Then I decided something.  If I felt like I didn't want to watch these shows, then why was I watching them? Duh. How enlightening!

So I did some clean up. I went through my "series manager" on my DVR listing and I deleted. And man, oh man, it felt great! First I got rid of "Revenge". I was really into that show last season. But lately, this season, I have felt like I have no clue about what is going on. Seriously. The show has gotten so weird. I decided to give it up. Then I deleted "The Good Wife." That was another show that I used to love. But, I have noticed this year, I have not been as into it as I once was. Delete.

The last one that I decided to stop watching was "American Idol." That was mostly Brian's decision. He decided not to watch it this year because of Nicki Minaj. At first I was bummed about not watching it anymore. But I got over it.

Just like any type of "clean-up" - this TV clean-up feels fantastic. I am not bogged down by shows that no longer interest me. I am free. And it made room for some other shows that I do want to watch. Shows that actually interest me and I look forward to watching.

Have you lightened up your TV schedule?


Darlene said...

You deleted my fav shows - The Good Wife & Revenge.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you gave up on Emily and Kulinda.
The only good shows on other than NCIS and Bluebloods.
I did do the same thing with Criminal Minds,