Sunday, January 20, 2013

Foam rolling like it's my job

I have not run in a week. My knee has been bothering me. And no, it's not my knee that was causing me pain from the marathon. Nope. It's my other knee now. It is the same exact pain. Different knee. The pain moved. It traveled. It decided to fake me out and move to the other side. It is amazing to me. Really. Same pain. Exactly the same. But the other knee. Really? Come on.

How. Can. This. Be?

The pain started a couple weeks ago. It came out of nowhere. I was just running a normal 3 miler. And the pain started. I tried to ignore it. I pretended that it wasn't happening. I kept running on it for a few more days. And the pain kept getting worse. I finally surrendered to it and decided to take a week off from running. I tried not to think about my 1000 mile goal for 2013. How would I ever meet it now after taking a week off and having a low mileage week before that? Right. I might have to let go of that goal.

Meanwhile, I rushed went to Dick's and bought myself a foam roller.

For those of you that don't know what a foam roller is, you can look at the photo. Basically you roll on it and it hurts a lot. The idea is to roll out your muscles and supposedly this funky rolling will help the knee pain. That's the idea. I am not sure if this is helping. But I am foam rolling like it's my job. I am also doing some stretching. And I bought myself and IT Band compression wrap.

So I think the pain is my IT band. All signs point to that. Meanwhile before I go self-diagnosing myself and get too far ahead of myself, I have an appointment on Thursday with a sports medicine doctor. I did see an ortho doctor in May. And he did nothing for me. I am hoping this new doctor will be able to help me. After all, I need to get this situation under control. And fast. I just registered for the "More Half Marathon". It is in Central Park in NYC on April 14th. So basically that means that training starts in two weeks.

In the meantime, I will continue foam rolling. And stretching. 

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