Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I lost the mail...and then I found it!

I lost the mail.
It's true.
On Monday, I had both of my kids in the car and I pulled up to the mailbox as I was coming home. I grabbed the mail and pulled into the garage. I got out of my car. I had a bag of groceries, my purse, and Maddie and Aidan's backpacks. I went inside and started unloading the bag of groceries and the backpacks. I washed Maddie's lunch containers. I went through her homework. I started to prepare dinner.

And then I realized that the mail was missing. Now, where had I put that pile of mail? Mmmm.

I looked everywhere. In the backpacks. In my purse. In the cabinets. In the car. I went back out to the mailbox thinking I dropped it. Nope. Not. There.

I asked the kids if they took it. They told me no.

I looked in the recycling bin. I looked in the garbage. No. Mail.

What the heck? I looked in the refrigerator. I looked in the freezer. I looked everywhere. No. Mail.

I asked Maddie if I had actually gotten the mail. Maybe I thought I had grabbed the mail and I really didn't. She assured me that I had taken it out of the mailbox. Mmmm. Was I losing my mind?

I started to stress. What happened if there was some long lost letter from a far-away relative? What if there was a check saying we had won a million dollars? What if there was some bill that we needed to pay that wasn't part of our regular monthly bill cycle? What if there was some fantastic invitation to a fabulous party?

What if...

Anyway. I did not find the mail Monday. And I did not find the mail on Tuesday.

Guess what? I found the mail today! Yay for me.

It was in the garage. In between the bench where we organize our shoes and another shelving unit. Yup. It had fallen in the crack. I am not sure what made me look there today. I think something caught my eye on the bench, and then it hit me. I knew right away that the mail was right there. In that narrow crack. The one place I hadn't looked.

I am happy to report that I found the mail. I am sad to report that there was no check for a million dollars. There was not an invite to any party. There was no letter from a long lost relative. Sigh. There was just a bunch of junk mail. Oh well.

At least now I don't have to wonder.

Good thing we don't have a drain in front of our mailbox like this photo.
 Otherwise, I am sure that I would have thought the mail went down the drain.

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