Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's going on in your world?

I have had most of this week off since school is out for the kiddos.
Here's what we have been doing:
1. Went to Mi-Sci Museum to see the butterfly exhibit. We wanted to see the planetarium show, but the show we wanted to see was sold out. Bummer.

2. Maddie has taken her 2nd gymnastics class and she LOVES it. I knew that was her niche. My only regret is why didn't I put her in it a few years ago?

3. We went ice skating at Empire State Plaza. Did you know that it's free to skate there? And if you need to rent skates, the price is totally reasonable. The only issue that we had was that it was a bit windy on the day we went. But otherwise, it was fun.

4. We went to Felice's house for pizza. Always a fun time.

5. We are going bowling tomorrow with 2 of Maddie's friends from school.

6. And then it's back to the real world on Monday. Let's hope it warms up!

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