Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grocery store hopping

I am what you would call a grocery store hopper. I don't go to just one store. And to make it even more confusing, I don't go shopping on a specific day per week.


I know. Shocking. Considering I am so regimented with so many things in my life, you would think my grocery shopping situation would be the same way. But I like to mix it up. And you know I like to save money. So that's my main reason why I don't restrict myself to one store.

Let's start with Price Chopper. In my opinion, Price chopper is good for only two things. They have double coupons, and they have "buy-one, get TWO free" sales. Those are the only times I go there. If I did ALL of my shopping there, my grocery bill would be through the roof. I find Price Chopper to be incredibly expensive. So - I go there to use coupons that I can double. And I go there when they have the "buy-one, get two free" Freihofer's items. This is especially helpful for english muffins and bread. I stock up and stash them in my freezer chest.

Okay, now let's talk about Walmart. I used to be a pretty big Walmart shopper. Let's face it. Things are cheap there. I have found though, that in the past six months, I haven't gone there as much as I used to. When I do go there, I am usually buying non-food items. For instance, toothpaste, toliet paper, kitchen sponges, vitamins, etc. Combine those cheap prices with coupons - and the savings can't be beat.

Moving on to Aldi.  My new favorite store. I shop at Aldi about every two weeks. I usually spend about $40 there and I go there specifically for snack foods. I also stock up on animal crackers for the kids, fresh salsa, cheese, and waffles. And they even have organic chicken broth! And lately, I have been buying my cucumbers and carrots there.  I love Aldi. And I love their prices. And I love that most of their snack food is all natural.

Okay - now let's bring in the butcher. Basically I haven't bought a lot of meat at the grocery store because I have become a loyal fan to the butcher in Wynantskill. I buy 10 lbs of all natural chicken and it's $2.29 a pound! You really cannot beat that. That is dirt cheap. Right? And they will even trim the fat off for me and butterfly it for me. Because you know I can't deal with thick meat. Ewwww. I need my chicken to be thin. I also buy the all natural ground beef and it is $3.39 per pound. You cannot beat that price either! And I should mention that their meat is hormone free and antibiotic free! Double bonus.

I should mention the milk. I blogged about the fresh farm milk a while back. That is still going well. We also get our eggs from the farmer and the half and half for Brian's coffee.

And that leaves Hannaford. Basically I go there for everything else.

So there you go. I am all over the place. And that's probably why I don't have set days on when I shop. I guess it may sound a little complex. But it works for me. And if it works - then I am just going to go with it.

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