Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The knee update

Last week I broke down and decided it was time for the shot.

I went back to the good doctor and had him inject my IT band with some secret sauce. (Otherwise known as cortisone). The good news was that he did not have to inject it into my joint. Instead, he was able to inject it behind my IT band, which means that the cortisone would not affect my ligaments.

I should let you know that I am a big baby. I do not have a high threshold for pain. I don't like needles. And I don't like pain. Deciding to get this shot was a big deal to me. I went back and forth about doing it and I ultimately decided that if I have any chance of doing this half marathon in April - I needed a little help.

By no means does that mean that I am stopping with my hip exercises. No. On the contrary, it means that this shot is helping me get through the next month. But to ultimately heal - I need to continue the exercises and strengthen my hip.

Anyway - I got the shot last Tuesday. And let me tell you - it kind of hurt. I mean - I was able to stand it - but it was NOT the highlight of my day. Once it was done, my knee was really sore. But that was the worst of it. The doctor told me not to run until Friday. By Thursday, I felt fine and went for a three mile run. And on Sunday, my plan was to run 8 miles.

I ran three on my own and then Elisa joined me for my five more. And I felt great! No knee pain at all. I can't  tell you how happy I was about that.

This weekend, the plan is to run 10. And I think that will give me the confidence that will allow me to know I can finish the half in April.

I am one happy runner!

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