Saturday, March 30, 2013

The little desk

It must have been about six months ago when I was driving home and I saw a desk on the side of the road in front of our neighbor's house. It said "free" in front of it.

I mentioned it to Brian who wasn't overly interested in it and kind of poo-pooed the idea of taking it.
So I took matters into my own hands and went and got it myself. Yup. I heaved it into my car and drove it home and heaved it into the garage. And there is stayed. For about 6 months. Yup. It has been there all winter long. The desk itself was ugly. It was brown and kind of cheap looking. But - I felt confident that I Brian could do something with it. I was thinking that we could paint it blue or red and match it to something in Aidan's room.

So out of the blue today - Brian decided that today was the day to paint the desk. First he sanded it. Then he cleaned it off. Then we decided on a color. And then he painted it. And finally, we brought it up stairs to Aidan's room and we had to rearrange his entire room.

The result?
A cute little blue desk with white drawers.

We still have to find drawer handles and we still need a chair. But - how cute is this little desk?

I love finding stuff for free and then making something cute out of it.

Reuse. Recycle. That always makes me feel good.

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GoddessLibrarian said...

You should be on one of those TV shows!