Sunday, April 21, 2013

My new love: Honest Weight Co-Op

The Honest Weight Food Co-Op is a dream.
For real.
I knew the co-op existed. I have probably driven by it hundreds of times through the years. It is tucked away on Central Avenue in Albany with a very small sign. You would never notice it unless you are looking for it. And even then, you might miss it. I heard my friend Felice talk about it. I knew she went there for bulk items - like oats, flour, sugar, and things of that nature. But still, I never went there. Until last week.

And wow. Oh wow.
The place is amazing.

The reason that I finally got my butt in there was because I was in search of chia seeds.

What are chia seeds, you ask? They are little black seeds that are very good for you. They have all sorts of health benefits. They are high in fiber, rich with omega 3, and they make you feel full. They are also tasteless, which makes it easy to add them to anything. My main goal was to buy them so I could sprinkle them in my oatmeal. But lately I have added them to my yogurt too!

Anyway  - I couldn't find them at the regular grocery store. I knew the co-op would have them. So that is why I finally went there. Man oh man. My only regret is why haven't I been there before? What have I been missing out on all these years? The bulk section alone is worth the trip. They have canisters and canisters full of anything you could ever want. Nuts, flour, oil, sugar, oats, seeds, and all sorts of things I had never even heard of.

I found my chia seeds. Then I decided as long as I was there, I should stock up on some organic oats. (Since I started eating oatmeal for breakfast - I figured it was a good idea to get some). I wandered through the aisles and was impressed. Everything was so...healthy. And so tempting. I wanted to buy everything. It all looked so good.

I decided to try their yogurt, and I picked up some sort of almond coconut balls for Brian.

I guess I didn't realize that that the co-op is an actual grocery store. It had a wonderful produce section.. It had people making all sorts of yummy stuff - like hot meals, cold meals and baked goods. It had a whole grocery section with packaged goods. It had bread and yummy cheeses. Heck - it even had a pet section.
I had no idea.

It exceeded my expectations.

If you haven't tried shopping at the co-op - I suggest that you go there. Immediately. You will love it.


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