Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer bucket list

Summer officially begins this week. I have a few bucket list items for some summer fun.

Since we won't be doing our annual beach trip this year, I really want to try and add some fun stuff into our summer.

Here is my list:

1. Visit some museums that we have never been to. Thanks to our library, we can visit those museums for free! That's right. The library allows you to take out museum passes for three days. Passes include trips to the Clark, Saratoga Museum, Hancock Shaker Museum, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, and the USS Slater. Cool. We will definitely be hitting up some of these places this summer!

2. Visit a new park. There are lots of cool state parks around this area. I would like to see Cherry Plain State Park, and Schodack Island State Park.

3. Get ice cream once a week at a different place! I love ice cream and so do my kids. Wouldn't it be fun to go to a different place for ice cream each time? Why yes. Yes. It. Would.

4.  Have a smores party in our yard. We have a great fire pit. So my goal is to utilize the fire pit and invite some friends over and make smores!

5. Visit the Farmer's Market - (and not just the one near my house). I would like to try and venture to other parts of the Albany area and see other types of markets.

6. Go berry picking.

7. Run a night-time race. There is a twilight race near our town in August. It is a family event and it sounds fun with fireworks and sparklers!

What's on your summertime list?

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heatherwheeler said...

Hitting up the Farmer's Market(s) is also on my list. We live in East Greenbush and, to my knowledge, there aren't any local ones. But I love the one at The Crossings and have heard that Delmar has a great one, so we're going to try those out. Any others?