Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Ebay customer service rocks

About a week ago, I sold a camera on Ebay. Awesome. Right? Yes. Awesome!
I sent it off to the buyer and that was that.
Or so I thought.
A day after the buyer received it, I received a message on Ebay that I had a case open against me.


I have 145 positive stars on Ebay and I have never had a case open against me. Ever.

The buyer claimed that I had not included the memory card or the batteries with my camera.

Well - this was easy. I knew that I had stated in the description that those items were not included. This should be easy to fix.

I responded and explained that it clearly stated in the description that the memory card and the batteries were NOT included. And then I waited.

No response.

I wrote another message a few days later to the buyer.

No response.

I didn't think too much about it, until I went into my Paypal account tonight and I saw that I had a negative balance!


I called Paypal. They said it was related to the case that was open against me and that was why my balance was negative. Then, they transferred me to the Ebay resolution center. I explained the whole situation to the nice Ebay resolution man. After reviewing the case, he saw that I was in "right" and it was obvious that the buyer was wrong. So he closed the case out in my favor.

Awesome! Thank you Ebay resolution man!

And that means that the negative balance goes away on my Paypal account. And that also means that the buyer cannot give me a negative review. And that, my friends, is a happy ending!

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