Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Garden update

I spent some time this evening pulling up part of my garden. Yup. Another garden season has come and gone.

My garden wasn't the best that it ever was. I blame it on the rainy June that we had. I honestly think the garden got too much water.

Don't get me wrong. We definitely had veggies. But my tomatoes were not the best. Usually we end up with hundreds of cherry tomatoes. In fact, I often wonder what I could possibly do with all of them. That was not the case this year. I was scrounging to find them on my sparse-looking plants.

My Better Boy tomatoes and my Roma plants did not do great either. All in all - it was not a great season for the poor little suckers.

However, for the first year, we had some fantastic squash. My one plant kept producing and I was left with 4 HUGE squash. That was a first. In past years, I have ended up with maybe one squash and it was piddly.

We also had a lot of green peppers. Let me tell you...there is nothing like a fresh green pepper. It is the sweetest, most crunchy veggie  - ever.

Our broccoli did fairly well. However, the interesting thing was that the plants I started from seed were failures. Complete failures. The leaves grew - but I did not get any broccoli. However, the one that I bought from the local plant shop was the big producer.

My lettuce was another failure. It started out looking very promising - but nothing came of it.

My cucumbers - which are my favorite thing ever to grow - did okay. They weren't attacked by beetles like last year. But some of them turned yellow. Weird! I started all of them from seed and I was pleased to find that they produced.

We did get a fair amount of green beans and snow peas.

All in all - it was a decent season.  Just not the best. I already have plans for next year. I think the layout needs to change, and I would like to add carrots, and some french green beans.

There is always room for improvement. And now, I will have to settle for 6 long months of grocery store veggies.

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