Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random thoughts

I am switching it up on the old blog. I was tired of looking at those pictures at the top of the page. They were so "last year."

So - I changed it up. I threw on some new ones from the summer.

Which made me realize that it's time to get some professional pictures taken. But when I mentioned that to Brian - I got a little bit of push back. I heard the familiar grumbles of, "We just had that done" and "Do we really need to spend the money on that?"

Why, yes. As a matter of fact we do. Pictures are important to me. The kids change from year to year. So. Yes. We need some new pics!

Anyway - September is flying by. The kids are settling into their school routine and I am happy that we are back to some normalcy. Of course, now we are dealing with homework, soccer schedules, Girl Scouts, and dance. Life is more and more hectic. I think the kids have more of an exciting schedule than I do!

I am headed out of town tomorrow with some girlfriends. We are not going very far. Just 20 miles down the road to Jiminy Peak. I am looking forward to lounging, eating, drinking, and just hanging with some of my best gal pals.

Our paperwork and luggage tags arrived for Disney. Woo hoo! It won't be long now! Can you feel my excitement?

And that's that. Hope you all have a great weekend!