Saturday, September 7, 2013

The soccer snack debacle

Both Maddie and Aidan are playing soccer this fall. Practice began last week, and both kids had their first games this morning.

This is Maddie's first year playing, and Aidan's second year. Last year, Aidan's coach never once instructed us to bring snacks for the whole team. Parents just supplied snacks for their own child, and that was that.

That is not the case this year. Both coaches for both kids have a snack schedule. Yes. I kid you not. I have a designated snack day where I have to bring snacks for the entire team.

Really? Seriously? Yes. Seriously. And it kind of annoys me.

Your first thought might be that by having a designated snack day, I only have to worry about snacks for one game for each child for the entire season. But - that is not the case. My kids are picky. So what if they don't like the snack that is offered?

This means that I still need to bring a snack for my kids - just in case we have snack-a-rama drama because god forbid apples are offered instead of oranges, and my kids have a snack melt down on the soccer field. So yeah. I still have to pack a snack for every game. And it means I have to bring snacks on my designated snack day for the entire team.

Can you see why I am in snack-hell over here at the Graber household?

And...what happens if we can't be there on our designated snack day? What happens if I have a prior commitment? Or if I have a sick kid and we are a no-show? That means 10-12 kids are left without snacks for that game. Oh. The drama of it all. Then I become that mother that didn't provide the snacks. Oh hell.

And...not only do I have to  bring a snack - but I also need to bring drinks! Really? Come on. My kids drink water. So, now I have to bring water bottles for the rest of the team too? Yes. Apparently I do.

So - what snacks will I be providing? If I was really the cool soccer mom, I would be providing these tasty little suckers for the team. Cute - right? Don't get too excited. These won't be coming from me. But - they are super cute - right?
I will leave this soccer treat to some super-woman.

And if I had all the time in the world, and had any decorating experience at all - I would bring these adorable cookies - personalized with each child's name.

Not happening. But - oh-so adorable!
So - what will I be bringing? Probably some quartered oranges or a basket of apples.

And that will be that.

Not as cute - but this will get the snack duty done.

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