Friday, October 11, 2013

Hudson Half goals

The Mohawk Hudson half is on Sunday. And I am just a tad bit nervous. I have been working for months on becoming the speed demon that we all know I am not.

And now it's here.

So far - the weather is looking glorious! High 60's and sunny. Perfect race weather.

So - what are my goals?

My A goal is to finish in 1:55.

My B goal is to finish in 1:58.

My C goal is to finish in 1:59:59.

So basically - my goal is to finish in under two hours. And if the stars align - then I really think I can do it.

Of course that means that it has to be perfect race weather, my knee can't flake out on me, and I need to control my breathing. Oh. And I need to be in a good mental place.

So yeah. Those are my goals.

Have a great weekend everyone! Send me some speedy racing thoughts!