Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why my family couldn't survive without me

The amount of organization it takes to run my household baffles me.
In fact. Brian (my husband) is very oblivious to what goes on behind the scenes. Sure - he does the basics. He cuts the lawn. He handles the bills. He plays with the kids. He handles the big household stuff that everyone sees on the outside. He even cooks.

But -he doesn't have a clue about the other things.

You know - the stuff that it takes to really run a household.

Let's take all the stuff that comes home from school. Oh my. The piles and piles of paperwork. The homework. The PSA stuff. The fundraising opportunities. The parent-teacher conference dates. The school picture information. The extra-curricular activity information. The field trip info. And the list goes on. And on. Does he even glance at this stuff? No. No. No.

No worries. I got it Brian. I have it under control. Yup. I seriously do. No need to look at it. Really. It's fine.

And so he doesn't look at it. He has no clue about it. And the funny thing is that all this paperwork sits on the counter for a reasonable amount of time. You know - for about 2 hours. Then I have to handle it before it consumes my cooking space. I need it gone. So I pitch it, file it or sign it, and send it back to school. And Brian remains oblivious to everything I just handled.

Then - let's talk about clothing. Kids grow. So not only do I have to switch out the clothing for seasons - but I have to make sure everything that they don't wear or they outgrew- is switched out. This is an ongoing process. And it's another thing that Brian has no clue about. He just takes it for granted that the right clothing for the right season will magically be in the drawers. Somehow, I manage to keep the clothing train running like a smooth machine. I got it Brian. Really. Don't worry about it. It's all set.

Then there are the other things. You know - the annual furnace tune up. The annual AC tune up. The every-three-year septic clean out. The bi-annual driveway sealing that needs to be done. Yeah. All that house crap. Who keeps track of that and when it has to be done? That would be me. I know all about it. And Brian doesn't. But he doesn't need to know about it. I just tell him when it's happening and he nods and says okay. Thanks honey. I got it handled. As usual.

And finally - let's talk about the appointments for the kids and the dog. Who handles the doctor, orthodontist, and dentist appointments? And who takes the dog for her annual check up? That would be me.

But  - really. No applause is necessary. That's my mommy job. It's all good.

I just wanted to put it in writing about what I do. Just so someone knows. And just because I felt like I needed a pat on the back.

So, go ahead. Pat away. I will accept it. And then I will move on and continue my work...

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