Thursday, October 24, 2013

The costume saga

About 6 weeks ago, I asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween. Maddie wanted to be Cleopatra. Aidan wanted to be Spiderman.

Luckily Janis had a Cleopatra costume that she let me borrow. And Aidan already had a Spiderman costume in the dress up bin. Perfect. That was easy. Easiest Halloween ever.

Not so fast.

About two weeks ago Brian pointed out that the Spiderman costume had a "run" in the material. I tried to brush it off. After all - who really pays attention to that kind of thing when it's dark. Right? I mean, really. Get over it Brian.

But he didn't get over it. He was convinced that Aidan could absolutely not wear the Spiderman costume. Because of the silly run in the material. Really? Yes. He was adamant about it. Ad-a-mant. The Spiderman costume was a no-go.

Meanwhile, Janis texted me a few pictures of some other costumes that she had. One of them was a pirate. I showed Aidan the pictures and liked it. Good. So Aidan could be a pirate. Phew. Done.

Not so fast.

Brian told Aidan that he would be borrowing Dean's costume and that he would have to give it back after Halloween. Aidan did not like that. He wanted his "own" costume. Really? Thanks Brian. Thanks for pointing that out to him. Of course any four year old wants his "own" costume when you bring it to their attention. The key is that you don't point this fact out to them. They wear the costume and then it mysteriously disappears and goes back to its rightful owner. And that's the end of it. But when you point it out to them and tell them that they have to return it - then all of a sudden they want their "own" costume.

So - the pirate costume was out. 

So off I went to Walmart. I found a brand new Spiderman costume for $18. Fine. I bought it. I brought it home. Aidan put it on and it was kind of ...weird. It was too big for him. And the costume had all sorts of muscles built into it. Which was weird to me - because does Spiderman really have big muscles?  I think of him as a more slender type of hero. Lean and strong. But not super muscular. Anyway - Brian decided to step in and take Aidan out that night and buy a different costume.

I figured they would run to Walmart and Target and be back in 30 minutes. Nope. About 90 minutes later, they walked in the door with a $30 Power Ranger costume from Spirit. What to the what?

First of all - $30 for a costume? That goes against every frugal bone I have in my body. Second of all why would he take him to Spirit? Everyone knows that all sales are final there. Grrrrr. And third of all my all-knowing husband bought the wrong size. Since when does my almost-5-year old son fit into a 3T/4T costume? Yeah.

So he put it on. And it was too small. I will admit that it fit. But barely. The legs were too short. And he looked kind of awkward. Like a Power Ranger waiting for a flood.  Yeah. You can imagine how weird that would look.

So...the next day, off I went to Spirit with the too-small costume and with a 25% coupon that I found online. I found the Power Ranger costume in a size 4-6. They let me exchange it. And they even let me use the coupon so I was credited $8.  And that made me super happy.

So, now I think we we are ready for Halloween in the Graber house. All systems a go. But really  ---did it have to be so complicated?

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