Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 running recap

Despite the cold and snowy December that we had, I managed to squeak out 80 miles.

That means that I ran 806 miles during 2013! I am happy with that considering the first two months of the year, I was injured and I barely ran at all. 

Besides running 806 miles - what else did I do in 2013?
I ran two half marathons. One was in NYC and one was right here at home in Albany.
I ran my first sub-two hour half marathon!
I ran the Clove Run 10 mile race for the third time.
I ran the Running of the Green for the first time.
I got my first (and hopefully only) cortisone shot in my knee.

So what's on tap for 2014?

Well - I already ran the Hangover 3.5 mile race at Suny on New Year's day. I was feeling a bit "foggy" from New Year's Eve shenanigans. But I dragged myself to the race with Felice and we faced the 20 degree weather. I was glad I did it. My head cleared, and it was a good way to start the year.

I am already registered for the Boston Run To Remember race in May. I am super excited about that one. It is a half marathon and I plan to run it with Felice, Janis, Elisa, Kara and a few other running friends!  It should be tons of fun.

I also have plans to run the Running of the Green on St. Patrick's day weekend. And I am sure I will do Freihofer's. And then I have my eye on doing something in the Fall. Top choices include the Philly half OR the Wineglass Half in western New York. Decisions, decisions!

I look forward to a good mileage year. Of course, now that we just got pummeled with snow - I may be taking a few rest days. Either that, or I will be heading to the gym and facing the dreaded treadmill!

Happy New Year!

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