Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter break is over

It just seems like school started. And now here we are. Christmas break is over. 2013 has ended. We are in the full throttles of winter. And it's back to the routine tomorrow!

The kids were off for two full weeks. Yup. TWO weeks. I was off from work for a good portion of that time. So the days have blurred together and I wasn't sure if I was coming or going most days. Because that's what happens when we are all home. The days blur and the time goes by.

We had a good Christmas break. What did we do?

  • We had a lots of family time since Brian was home most of the time. 
  • We had lots of outside snow time since we have about a foot of snow outside.
  • We went ice skating. It was Aidan's first time on skates. He was a little nervous.
  • We took a road trip to see my dad's family in Westchester. My kids got to know their second  cousins. And that's always fun.
  • We played games.
  • We did crafts.
  • We had a few playdates
  • We went to a New Year's Eve party and my kids stayed up until 12:30 AM! Gulp.

Anyway - hope you all day a good holiday! I am ready for back to school time. Have a great week!

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