Friday, January 31, 2014

January recap

I started off 2014 strong.

Despite the cold arctic temperatures, the snow, crap-ass wintry mix, and the wind hurricane force gusts we have had - I managed to pull of 83 miles.

I am not sure where exactly those miles came from. Because if I am really going to be honest -  I wasn't feeling a lot of running love this month. During most runs, my legs felt heavy. I felt like I could barely squeak out 3-4 miles on each run, and I was just OVER the winter weather. Maybe I was just so done with putting on layer after layer to go out for a run. Right now, I am dreaming of the days where I can slip on shorts and a tank and bound out the door. You know. Like a gazelle.

I want to be like these lovely gazelles - bounding through the warm air and not bogged down by winter clothing.

But instead, I put on layer after layer and head out to the tundra to get my miles in. And often times, I look like this guy.

This is not me. But I look oddly similar to him when I go out for a run during the winter.

Anyway, despite all this complaining about this wretched winter weather- I am pleased with my January mileage. Last January I only ran 20 miles due to injury.

So what's on tap for February?
A few things:

1. Finalize Create my half-marathon plan for May.
2. Increase my long runs on the weekends
3. Create a 5K plan for Maddie. She wants to run a 5K in April and I need to create a training plan so we can train together.

And that's that. Happy February. And here's hoping for some warmer temps!

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