Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines' Day and the nonsense that goes with it

Valentines' Day is coming. In fact - It's a week away! But before you think I am going to get all lovey-dovey with you - I am going to talk about some nonsense. 

I was on the phone with my BFF this morning. She lives in DC and the only chance that we get to chat is in the morning. Our conversations usually happen when she is on the way into work and is "stuck in traffic". If it wasn't for our morning chats - then I am not sure when we would ever talk.

Anyway - we were chatting away, and then she asked me what I was doing for Valentine's Day. I hesitated for a moment. Because, really. What was I doing for Valentine's Day? "Ummmmm. Do you mean with Brian?" (As opposed to the secret lover that I have hidden in my closet). I really wasn't sure what she meant. She answered, "Yes. Of  course with Brian."

Duh. I guess she isn't aware of the secret lover. I must have forgotten to mention that to her.

I answered her. "Ummmm. Nothing? I mean we will probably just make dinner at home."

But then I realized that Valentine's Day is on a Friday night this year. It's a weekend! Woot! Woot!

Yeah. But, still. We will probably just make dinner at home and eat it after the kids are in bed. Because that's what we do. We haven't gone out for Valentine's Day in years. In fact, Brian makes a kick-ass filet mignon. Who needs a $25 restaurant steak when we can cook at home. Right? And do I need to get a babysitter? Nah. And do I need to eat out on a night when everyone else is out? Nah.

So yeah. Sorry to disappoint you all. My filet mignon dinner at home will be the extent of my Valentine's Day plans.

And then let me just take a minute to rant about some other nonsense.
Let's talk about the loot that will come home on Valentine's Day from school. I know I have ranted about this before. But, really. Let me rant some more. Because, really. Why do my kids come home with more candy than they get on Halloween?  It's Valentine's Day people. It's about cards. That's all.  My kids do not need candy hearts. They do not need nasty sugar bubble gum. They do not need smarties. And they really don't need any chocolate. I swear. They will do fine with the cards.

This is how I operate. I Go to the store. I buy the $2 box of cards and we address them to each classmate. And then that's all. I am not one of those moms that hands out something extra. Call me the Cupid Scrooge. But that's how I roll. In fact, Maddie begged me this year to include something "extra" with her cards. I flat out told her no way.

So yeah. That's all. no major plans with the husband except a nice steak dinner. And no major hand-outs from my kids to their classmates. No nonsense from me on 2/14.

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