Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Break

Winter break was this past week. It seemed especially long for a few reasons.

A whole bunch of snow fell last Thursday and Friday, so the kids were off part of Thursday and all of Friday.
Then they had this whole week off. So that is ...11 days. Count them. Eleven. Days. Yeah. It was a long time.

Can you say cabin fever?
And why does it seem like everyone I know is somewhere warm. Seriously. Everyone. Mexcio. Puerto Rico. Myrtle Beach. Florida. Bahhhh. Why am I here? And why is everyone else somewhere on a beach?

Anyway - we have been trying to keep busy around here. This week's activities included:

Roller skating (birthday party that Maddie was invited to)
The Lego movie
Tubing at Willard Mountain
Dinner at  Cracker Barrel
Sleepover with Grandma G (for Maddie)

The tubing was super fun. We went with Brenda and Evan and the C. family.
That was something I had never done before, and I think we all enjoyed it. Plus  - it was a beautiful day. The sun was out and the temperatures were on the rise. Gasp. It was almost 40 degrees! What a perfect day for being outside!

Maddie in the middle - with Lily and Kara

Maddie, Evan and Aidan

Today was kind of a down day. I tried to make use of our last free day. I took Maddie to get her allergy shot. Then I headed over to Cap Com and signed Aidan up for a bank account. After a quick trip to TCBY, we came home and I had the kids get to work on some book reports. Cap Com pays $3 for each book report that kids do (up to 5 reports per year). Hey. That is 15 bucks. I will take it. Free money.

Since Aidan can't really write yet - he is allowed to draw pictures. Maddie did four reports and Aidan did two, and then I scanned them and emailed them over to Cap Com. I could  practically hear the cha-ching as I was scanning them.

That was about as productive as I got for today. I am already thinking about next February break and how it is imperative that we go somewhere warm. I have never felt so trapped. And snowed in. And cold. So, so cold. Hope you all had a great week!

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