Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boston Run to Remember goals

I have a big race coming up on Sunday. It will be my seventh half marathon and it is in Boston! I am looking forward to a night away with some friends. And the race is supposed to be a good one with 9,000 runners and fantastic Boston views.

I am not sure what my goals are for this race. My PR is from October when I ran sub-two.
This time around, I am honestly not trained to run a sub-two race. So, I am trying to banish all thoughts of a PR from my silly, little head.

I think my main goal is just enjoy the race. I just want to take it all in. The people. The views. I want to enjoy the moment. Of course, this is easier said than done. I know that once the race starts, I will start doing mental math in my head and I will be monitoring my pace. So, that leads to me to a crazy thought. Should I run without my running watch??? Gasp. The horror. No. I can't do that. Forget that thought. But, it is rather tempting. That way I can just run by how I feel.

So just for the sake of being me - let's put some goals out here:

A GOAL: 2:03 or less
B GOAL: 2:06 or less
C GOAL: 2:08 or less

So there you have it.

This race will also be special because two friends in our group, are running their FIRST half! That's always a special memory. I love that we will be there to cheer them on and celebrate that rock-star feeling. When they cross the finish line, they will feel like strong running mamas for sure!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone. Get out there and run a few miles to celebrate the day.

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