Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Runoff 10K

Today I ran the Spring Runoff 10K. I literally decided to do this race a few days ago. Janis had registered for it weeks ago. And she convinced Felice and me to do it too. Since it was at the Corning Preserve and only $20 - I figured - why the heck not? We also convinced Kara to run it too. There were also plenty of other running friends who ran the 10K or the 5K.

It has been a while since I ran a 10K. And let me tell you that they are definitely not my favorite type of distance to run. It is short enough that you feel like you have to push. But it's far enough where if you push too hard - then you feel like you might die.

Anyway - since we wanted to run a total of 9 miles for the day, we met at 7:30 and did a 2 mile warm up. (And then we ran an additional mile after the race - giving us a total of 9 miles).

After our warm up, it was time to line up. The race was very no-frills. There were no mile markers. And there was only one water stop. They did have some good swag though. I got a huge bag with a T-shirt, a bag of lentil chips, and other fun items. Not bad for $20! Sometimes those smaller races come through with the goodies.

At 8:30, the announcer basically said,  "Three, two, one...GO!" And we were off. I tried not to go out too fast  and I think I did a successful job with that. I ran along at a decent pace where I felt like I was pushing myself - but at the same time I was comfortable and not feeling like I was going to die.

This race was an out and back course. So. at around mile 2.6, the fast people started coming back. That was actually motivating to see. I wasn't even at the turn-around, and they were on their way back! Anyway, I hit the turn-around at 28 minutes. I felt good. I continued along.

And then I hit mile 4. And then my breathing started getting weird. And I wasn't feeling as good as I had. In fact, I wanted to walk. So, at mile 4.5, I did walk. I caught my breath for a minute, and then continued on. I crossed the finish line at 56:38. It was definitely not a PR for me.

That being said, I still managed to place third in my age group. I guess that's the advantage of smaller races. And - I have a new age group now that I am officially 40. Ahem.

My stats:
50th place out of 127 finishers
Time:  56:38
Pace: 9:07
Third place in my age group

The pros for this race:
  • It was close to home
  • It was flat
  • It was for a good cause
  • It made me push myself
  • It was a nice day for a race
  • Lot of friends were there
Would I do it again? 
Yes. I think I would. Even though 10k's make me cringe.

Me at mile 5.5. I look like I am having fun. But I was so ready to find that finish line!

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