Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April stats

April was a good running month for me.

I ran 93 miles. I actually surprised myself. After all, I was away for a week for work. The kids were off for a week from school. There were lots of birthday and anniversary shenanigans. So - I had plenty of excuses to NOT run. But, I managed to clock in the miles.

I actually ran three times while I was in Arizona for work. I enjoyed running at 5:30 AM while the sun was coming up and the air still felt cool.The best thing was that there was no humidity. It just felt cool and crisp. And it was flat. Completely flat. I am not going to complain about that. It did make me wonder how one actually hill trains when living in the desert.  One thing I realized was that if I ever end up living to Arizona, I would HAVE to run at 5:30 AM. Otherwise it is simply too hot. There would be no running in the 90 degree heat. (Needless to say, I am not moving to Arizona!)

What's on tap for May?

Well - it is race month! That's right. The Boston half marathon is this month and I can't wait to get away for the night with the girls. It should be a good time.

I also plan to run a 10K race on Saturday. That was a last minute addition to the calendar. But - I figured - why not? It's close to home and it's a good way to push myself.

One thing that I hope to accomplish is to get my running mo-jo back. Ever since I returned from Arizona, I have been dragging. Maybe it's the jet lag. Or maybe I got so used to that fresh, crisp air on my runs. Regardless, I have not been feeling the running love. I need to get that love back!

And that's that! Happy May running!

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The Happy Runner said...

Maybe you need to run at 5:30 a.m.! ! Ha!