Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wrapping up January

I wasn't feeling so great today. The kids had games this morning, and by the time we got home it was after 1 PM. I ate some lunch and then I ended up taking a 2 hour nap. I woke up at 4 PM and still felt kind of "blech." It wasn't anything awful. I just felt run down and tired.

I decided that I could sit around in my sweats and feel "blech." Or I could get myself to the gym and bang out some miles on the treadmill. I decided to go to the gym. And boy oh boy. I was glad I did. Within 5 minutes of starting to run, the "blech" feeling went away. I started to feel great and I ended up rocking my workout. That's what exercise does for you. It can take away the "blech".  Even, better I came home and Brian was making a fantastic chicken and broccoli dinner. Yum.

Anyway - as I was pounding out those miles today, I realized that it was the last day of January. Am I ever glad about that. This has not been an easy month to run. In fact, I think I only had about five outdoor runs. And those outdoor runs were cold. Very cold. And so very windy. January is not an easy month to run. So, I spent most of the month on the treadmill. Thanks to some gym workouts with Felice- I managed to get through the boredom of the treadmill.

I also managed to get in some great cross training. I did some cycling and some elliptical workouts.  I worked with the weights and the kettlebells. It was all good, even if it wasn't exactly running outside.

One thing I am a bit disappointed about is the fact that I didn't have any major long runs. I think my longest run was 6 miles. I really need to get on that and get some good solid long runs in during February. Of course, the weather forecast isn't starting out so great for the first week of February. So - we will see what happens.

One good thing on the horizon for me is I will be in Arizona smack dab in the middle of February. I am definitely looking forward to some outdoor runs while I am out there for work. I mean - really. Who doesn't want to run in 60-70 degree weather in February? Yes please. I will take some of that.

So - here are the stats:

I ran 71 miles this past month.
I ran 3 winter series races at Suny Albany and enjoyed the yummy soup after those cold runs.

And that's a wrap for January. I can't say I am sorry to see this month go. Hello February!

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