Monday, March 30, 2015

March mileage

I didn't write about my February mileage last month. Because, let's face it.
There wasn't much to talk about. It was a VERY unimpressive month with a total of 54 miles.

Not that I am making excuses -  but...
  • February was a short month.
  • February was a terrible weather month. (Think cold temps, high winds and icy roads).
  • I was sick for a week - where I didn't run at all!
  • I was away for a week in Arizona - where I did manage to get 3 quality runs in. (That as the best part of the month!)
So there you go. I am lucky I got those 54 miles in at all!

Anyway - as we turned the page to March - it has been much better. I have increased my mileage significantly, and I am even back to double digits for my long runs!

Phew. It took a while to get there - but I am happy to say that I am back and feeling good.

This month I have logged 93 miles! (And I still have one more day left in the month.) So I am hoping to finish with 98 miles.

So things are looking up running wise for me. But - I can't say the same about the weather. Although we are not facing zero degree temperatures, we are still dealing with below average temps, wind, and grayness.
Blahhhhhh. Not ideal running conditions.

I am hoping for a sunnier and warmer April.

On another note - my new running shoes arrived in the mail last week. So I have been using their cheerful color to motivate me...I think it's working!

Have a great Monday!

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