Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane. Sound familiar?
Ah yes. Those wonderful, repetitive books that helped us all learn to read.

According to my mother, that was how I learned to read. In fact, if I reach deep and search hard - I can remember sitting on the floor while my mom ironed. I would sit with Dick and Jane books and read to my mom. Apparently, I was reading at age 2. I know. It's okay. Call me a genius.

Anyway - moving on.

I decided to check out some Dick and Jane books from the library and what a surprise. Maddie is reading them! She sits and reads and knows the words! I am sure a lot of it is memorization - but she really seems to be building on each chapter and really remembering the words. Also - she is actually interested in the story. She talks to me about all of the characters and studies each drawing and seems very concerned about Baby Sally and her whereabouts.

I am very pleased with the progress that we are making. Reading - here we come!

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