Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a week

It's been quite a week so far and it's only Wednesday.

It started on Monday. I will spare you the details. But -in a few words - Boss in town. Trip to Memorial Hospital because Boss had chest pains. Everything turned out fine. But - it was kind of scary for a while.

Tuesday - Met with boss in the morning. After getting home, I found out that we had no internet or phone. Then I had to truck it out to Albany Country Club last night for a Junior League meeting and speak on behalf of one of the members who is going Sustainer. That just means she is not an active member anymore and moving on.

Today - Still no internet. Time Warner came this afternoon and fixed the problem - but then I was backed up with work because I was working off my blackberry and that just isn't efficient.

On the upside - I managed 2 runs so far this week. One run I was able to complete TWO miles without stopping. Applause. Please. That was a big deal. I am not running today. I had to take a day off.

On the other positive note - I won a pantry makeover from the Times Union! They are going to come to my house and look at my food in my pantry and do an article and suggest healthier options. So very excited about that!

And that's all I have to say. Good night!

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