Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of kindergarten

Ahhh. The first day of school is finally behind us! It was a little bit a of a stressful morning. After I brought Aidan to daycare, I rushed back to make sure Maddie's lunch was packed and that she was dressed and her hair was combed and all that good stuff.

We headed outside around 8:40 and took some photos.

As you can see, she is excited and smiling. The minutes ticked by and I could see a little bit of anxiety creeping over Maddie.

Finally around 8:50, the bus turned the corner and as it did, Maddie hid behind Brian and a look of pure nervousness came over her face.

I felt bad. Here comes this big yellow bus barreling toward us and she has to get on it and she doesn't know a soul. I would be freaked out too. Poor thing.

Anyway - she got on and this is the result:

Needless to say, she looks a little terrified. Anyway - off the bus went to school. It was a long day waiting and wondering how her first day was. At 4 PM, the bus came and I saw Maddie's face in the window. She got off and was all smiles! She told me all about her day and she was a very proud girl for sucessfully completing her first day of kindergarten.

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