Sunday, September 12, 2010


It was a busy weekend. Brian was camping with the boys - which left me alone with the kids.

I took the kids to an ice cream social on Friday night at school. It was a good chance to meet some of the parents at school and I actually knew a lot more people than I thought I did. I knew some people from our neighborhood and from Maddie's dance class. Besides the fact that my kids didn't eat any ice cream - at the ICE CREAM social - all was good.

On Saturday, Maddie had her first dance class. This year's class is a lot bigger than any other class she has had. There are 15 kids in the class and they are starting hip hop jazz this year. Maddie seemed to have fun. After that, Aunt Brenda and Cousin Evan came over and played for a few hours. Then it was time for dinner.

After dinner, Janis and I had an adventure. We loaded all the kids in her car (since she has a 3rd row) and off we went to the town fair. It was okay. Let's just say that the people running the fair were kind of creepy. Like - yucky men smoking cigarettes and just kind of icky. We hung out there for a little while, had some fried dough and then went on to our next destination which was the JazzFest in downtown Albany.

We parked the car, walked across the Pedestrian Bridge to the riverfront and got something to drink and hung out. The kids had a ball dancing to the music, eating kettlecorn and just having fun. We watched the fireworks and then headed home.

This morning, Maddie had her first religion class and then a soccer game. Which- she refused to participate in. So we sat there and watched the game. I think we might have to nix the soccer thing this year. She just isn't in to it and scared to play. Brian arrived home around noon and then we headed down to his mom's house for Christopher's birthday.

And that's that. Now we are gearing up for Maddie's first full week of school and our weekend away - WITHOUT kids!

Happy Sunday!

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