Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's time. Yup. It's definitely time. I have been putting it off. But - it's time to up my mileage on my runs. No more puny 3 mile runs. Nope. It's time for some hard core training. I am in the big leagues now. It's 10K training time. Which means most runs should be 4 miles long with a long run that is 5-6 miles once per week. (Or 7 miles if I get really crazy).

The issue that I am finding is that I get bored. It takes me over 1 hour to run 6 miles. That's a long time. I am not a one-hour kind of exercise girl. I used to go to the gym a few times a week, crank out 20 minutes on the elliptical and be done with it. Yeah. I was a slacker. But not anymore. Because now I can crank out 5 miles in 60 minutes. Yes - that is a 12 minute mile. I know - I am not the fastest runner. But - hey - I never claimed that I was a speedy girl. I am just trying to get my miles in. I am not concerned with speed at this point in my running career.

Anyway - after 1 hour of running, I am bored. I do better at the gym where I can watch TV. However, when I am running outside - I just get so bored doing my same loop over and over again. I have tried venturing out on the main road but it is really not a great idea. There is hardly any shoulder and I am scared someone is going to hit me. Anyway - the big training has begun and I just better get going. The 10K race is on October 23rd. So - we are just over 1 month away from the big event. I already registered and I am committed. I am doing it.

I admit that I gulped really hard when I checked the box that said "10K". I wistfully looked at the "5K" box and thought, "Wow, I could crank that out in 30 minutes and be done with it." But no. I am going to run the 10K. And that's that.

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