Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrist Update

I decided to make a doctor appointment for my wrist. I was sure that I had some type of mini-fracture and they were going to send me to get an x-ray. Turns out that I have a ganglion cyst.

Now I have to go to a hand specialist and possibly have surgery to remove the cyst. Of course, I am freaking out and the pain in my wrist is hideous. I ended up cancelling our ropes course adventure for Saturday. I am very sad about that. However, we are still going away - so we will have to figure out something else to do. I guess it gives us more time to just meander around and now we aren't on a schedule. Which might be better in the long run.

Meanwhile, I have been researching ganglion cysts. It turns out that there is an old wive's tail that says back in the day - people used to take a Bible or a heavy book and wack the cyst and then it would pop. I even watched some videos on You Tube of people doing this. Interesting. Apparently it actually works.

So - leave it to me. I convinced Brian to take a heavy book - and wack my cyst. I thought it would be totally painful and I would scream and howl in pain. In fact, I made him practice on my other wrist. The wack had to be firm and to the point. After a few practice rounds, he wacked my cyst. From what I can tell, it did absolutely nothing. So much for that. And I didn't howl in pain. In fact, it didn't really hurt at all. Maybe I should have him do it again?

Regarless, I guess I am to the hand specialist next week!

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Micki said...

Your Grandma has had a history of Ganglion cysts. She has had to have a couple removed from her thumb I think.