Thursday, October 7, 2010

Being pounced on at the mall

I don't really get to the mall too often. However, the past few times I have gone, I have noticed that I seem to get stalked by the people who are selling stuff in the kiosks.

As I walk through the mall, I see the sales people that are standing around in the middle of the walking aisles. They are waiting to pounce. They hold something in their hands. It could be anything like samples of perfume, hair extensions, new phone plans or some funky and ugly art.

I try to avoid them. I walk to the far, far right hand side. I don't make eye contact. I make sure my body language is unapproachable. Yet, it doesn't matter. They stake me out. They still approach me and want me to try their product. In fact, they almost stand in front of me and beg. I just politely say, "No thank you."

It annoys me though. Why am I being stalked at the mall? I just want to get in and out and do my thing. I don't want to be approached. And I don't want to feel guilty for not trying a product.

And that's it. I just wanted to vent.

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