Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boo'ed Again!

Tonight we were Boo'ed again! I don't really understand why, since we had the Boo Ghost psoted on our front door which is supposed to let people know that we were already Boo'ed and to NOT do it again!

But - it happened. The doorbell rang and the orange bucket was back on our porch! This time, Brian said that he was not going to Boo the neighbors. He had already done it and it was my turn. I thought for a little bit and decided who I would Boo. I trekked across the neighborhood with my bucket and finally arrived at my destination. I crept up to the door, set the goodies down on the stoop, and rang the doorbell and rang like heck!

I don't think I have rang and run since I was a kid. What a rush that was! It was fun!

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