Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have been Boo'ed!

The other night around 7:15 PM, someone knocked on our door. It was kind of an angry knock. Rap, rap, rap. It was loud. I got a little nervous. Because after all, who is knocking on our door like that at 7 PM?

Brian went to the door and answered it. No one was there. We looked. All we could see was darkness. Then we looked down and there was an orange pumpkin basket filled with candy and a note. We had been boo'ed! Basically the concept is this: Someone rings and runs and leaves a basket of Halloween goodies with a note at your door. The note explains what it means to be Boo'ed and it explains instructions on what to do next. We have to leave a basket of goodies at some other neighbor's door! In the meantime, we need to hang up the "Boo Ghost" on our front door saying that "We Have Been Boo'ed" so we aren't boo'ed again.

Maddie was awake when this happened and she couldn't stop talking about it. She kept saying we had been spooked. Anyway - last night, she and Brian headed out to "Boo" one of our neighbors. It was a top secret operation and they had to wait until darkness had settled on the neighborhood. Around 7:30 they headed out, dressed in dark clothing with the goodies and a flashlight. It looked like they were robbers! They headed out the back door and cut through the empty lot next door to us. Brian rang and ran and then they headed back home. Maddie was very amused by this.

Anyway - if you want to start something like this in your neighborhood, go HERE.

It's fun. They even have an option for the holidays -called "You Have been Jingled."

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Kelly said...

Awesome! I so want to blog this, but I really want to do the Christmas one and don't want to give anyone a heads up!! Although, not too many people know who I really am...