Friday, November 26, 2010

My first Turkey Trot

The morning of the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot was a cold one. The thermometer said it was 27 degrees. I ate my breakfast of Special K and pondered how many layers I was going to need. I decided to go with 2 short sleeve shirts, and 2 long -sleeve shirts, and a fleece zip up jacket - just in case...

I headed out to meet Brian's Aunt Sharon. We were meeting at her office and then heading down to Troy together. The streets were crowded and we luckily found a parking spot. We headed over to the start line and stood with the masses of people. Surprisingly - I wasn't that cold. I think it was because were surrounded by people which kept us warm. More surprisingly - I ran into a couple friends!

The horn blew and were off. Sharon and I immediately separated. (She is faster than me). That was okay though because I had my new Best Friend with me - a.k.a. - my Garmin! I was on a 9 minute pace the first mile. I was feeling good. At 1.5- I was feeling a bit tired. I knew I was going faster than I normally go. And that's when I caught sight of a big hill. And when I say big - I mean STEEP! Very steep. I ended up walking for 1 minute up the hill. That's okay though. I caught my breath and attacked the last mile. I crossed the finish line at 29:17 according to my Garmin. According to the finish clock, I crossed at 29:40. And my Garmin told me I ran 3.17 miles instead of 3.10. So - I am thinking that I started the Garmin too early. Not sure what happened. Regardless - I think it was a respectable time.

I met up with Sharon in our meeting spot and she had finished in 27 minutes. (I told you that she was speedier than me!)

All in all, it was a fun first Turkey Trot. I missed my running buddies though. Janis, Felice, Jen and Jen are all away for Thanksgiving.

Next race is the Jingle Bell Rock on 12/4. And that will be my last race for 2010!

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Suzy said...

Congrats on your first Turkey Trot!! Your garmin will never read the exact distance, just so you know. The course would be just over 3.1miles if you ran every curve and crossing just perfectly and never veered from the line measured.

CONGRATS!! You did awesome.