Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Fun

This past weekend we went and picked out our Christmas tree. In the past, we have gotten our tree at a place in East Greenbush that is very popular. You pick out the tree and the nice men come and cut it down for you, put it on a tractor, drive it back to your car and tie it on the car. Then you fork over $50.

Yikes. That is a lot of money for a tree that ulimately ends up on the curb 4 weeks later. So - this year I was determined to find a tree place that was cheaper. Did I really need to pay $50 for a tree? The answer, of course, is NO!
I ended up finding a place 10 miles from our house. It was a big old farmhouse with a lot of land and a ton of trees for sale. All the trees were $20. We went back into the woods and basically looked for our tree. When we found it, Brian sawed it down and hauled it back to the car. He tied it on the car and off we went. For $20, and a fun family adventure - the day was priceless!

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