Thursday, December 30, 2010

My tentative race schedule for 2011

Some of my blogging friends have been planning their races for 2011.
I hadn't really thought about forming a plan for my races until today. But now, I think that I may need to form some sort of plan. After all, plans are good - right?

So here it goes. Keep in mind - that this is a tentative plan.

1/1/11 - New Year's Day 3.5 mile race - Suny Campus - This is dependent on how I feel after New Year's Eve. However, the race isn't until noon. So - it might be a definite possibility. Plus, it is supposed to be 45 on Saturday. All the more reason to get a good run in outside.

2/20/11 - 3 person Marathon Relay - Yup. You read that right. That's a marathon. Of course, it's broken up between 3 people. I am running it with Janis and Elisa. (Elisa works with Brian and is an avid runner.) The race is broken down where each person runs a certain leg. Janis is running 9.2, I am running 5.7 and Elisa is running 11.3. I am actually going to continue running until I hit 9 niles that day because I am scheduled to run 9 miles for my long run. So I will just keep going after I pass the baton to Elisa until I hit my scheduled 9.

3/12/11 - Runnin' of the Green - 4 mile race in Green Island

4/2/11 - HALF MARATHON! (Queens, NY)

5/31 - Mother's Day 3.5 mile race - Delmar

6/4 - Freihofer's Run for Women 3.1 miles - Just a side note. This was my very first 5K EVER in my life. So - I will always run it every single year. Just because it's an awesome race. And it's kind of like an anniversary.

7/10 - Boilermaker - Utica - 15K. This is not for sure. I am not crazy about running 9 miles in the middle of summer. However, I have heard it's an awesome race. So - it's a possibility.

10/9 - Hudson River Mohawk Half-Marathon - This will be dependent on how I do in the half-marathon in April.

Thanksgiving - Troy Turkey Trot - Just because it's fun to run before you stuff your face.

December - Albany Last Run 5K - Just because I didn't get to do it this year and I really want to run a night-time race.

And that's it. How does that sound? Pretty ambitious when I look at the list. However - I think there are some exciting things in there and new races to try.

2011 is sure to be an exciting year!

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Darlene said...

Great schedule - I may see you at a few!