Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Lately - my little buddy - a.ka. - Aidan - has shown an interest in babies. It started when Felice came over last week with Baby Niall - who is only 3 months old. I was holding Niall who was looking around and just being a cute little baby. Aidan was playing happily with his choo choo trains and then all of a sudden noticed that his mommy was holding a baby. He toddled over and started saying "Baby."

Yes. I agreed. Niall is definitely a baby. Aidan showed great interest. He was very gentle with Niall and touched his feet, his face, his head, and his hands. When Niall fussed, Aidan showed some concern. The cutest part was when Felice put him in the carseat and Aidan was looking for him and wanting to know where he went! He came over to me and said, "Baby???"

After that visit, Aidan has taken an interest in Maddie's baby dolls. He carries a baby doll around and makes the baby doll do all of the things that he does. If Aidan is getting his diaper changed, then Baby Doll gets her diaper changed. If Aidan is eating, then Baby Doll is eating. In fact, Baby Doll even sleeps with Aidan now. Maddie isn't thrilled about this. She wants her baby doll back. But for now - Baby Doll is in Aidan's care.

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The Happy Runner said...

He was so cute! That's too funny that he is caring for Baby Doll.