Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Funny Maddie

Today, Maddie got off the bus and made an announcement.

"Today Joshua broke up with me."

Okay. First - who the HELL is Joshua and why was he "dating" my daughter? And better yet, why did he feel the need to "break up" with her? Wasn't she good enough for him?

Of course, I didn't voice any of this to Maddie. Instead, I casually said, "Oh...How come?"

Her answer was, "I don't know mama. He is a pattern boy. First he likes me. Then he doesn't. Then he does. He can't make up his mind! He must like patterns."

Mmmm. I am glad to see that her math patterns are coming in handy - especially in relation to those silly boys that can't make up their minds!

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