Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now is the time to worry

Two weeks. A mere 14 days. The time is now. The half marathon is seriously almost here! Can you feel my nervous shaky self from where you are sitting? Probably. Because I am a ball of nerves. There are so, so many thing to worry about. And since I am the biggest worry wart of them all - I can sit here and worry about all sorts of things. I am really good at it.

What if I flake out and can't run the whole 13.1? What if I have one of those bad runs and feel like I am going to die? What if the 13.1 feels like it will never end? What if I have stomach issues and have to take an emergency potty break? What if I trip and fall and skin my knee? What if it pours rain on the day of the race? What if we get lost and can't find the start line? What if I get injured? What if? What if? What if?

The list goes on. But I will make myself stop. No more worries. Stop the madness right now. I need to take a step back and breathe.

I ran 9 miles yesterday and I have to say that I had one of those runs where I questioned myself the entire time about how I was going to physically run 13. I hate when that happens. Those bad runs really break your confidence. But I know I can do it. I know I can. There is no reason to doubt myself. Even if I have to walk - I will make it to the end. And I am not going to walk. Nope. I am going to run and run strong. Okay - I might walk through the water stops. That's okay though.

So that's that. I will worry for the next 2 weeks because that's what I do. And that's me. And I do it oh so well. Worry, and worry some more. Let's hope these 2 weeks go by fast...


The Happy Runner said...

Hakuna matata, my friend.

You can totally do it.

Darlene said...

It's ok to worry. I did until the race started and then the worries went away. Enjoy it. There's only one first half marathon!!